Prepaid Card

White Label Services

Increase Your Branding and Customer Loyalty

The PPG White label Program allows our clients to launch their own branded prepaid card program without requiring any prior experience or knowledge of running a prepaid card program. Putting our clients’ brands on the front lines is a direct way of brand exposure, increasing credibility, enhancing customer loyalty and client retention rates.

It is the perfect platform for companies looking for a simple and secure way to pay commissions, reward loyalty or distribute compensations to their clients, employees, agents, affiliates or members. It also offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional corporate payroll programs and investment advisory services.

PPG White label Solutions enables our clients to take advantage of our turn-key platform and prepaid cards dedicated to their brand and company image. By allowing companies to effortlessly put their company brand on the front lines and custom design the entire program with their brand mark, this has enabled clients to identify with their brand and enhance client retention rates.

Benefits for Your Business

  • No prior experience or knowledge of running a prepaid card program is required. Simple and stress-free.

  • Clients benefit from increased customer and member loyalty by providing more secure and more convenient access to cash, bonuses, and other payments.

  • Prepaid cards come with their own unique identifies that can be utilised with loyalty or reward programs. This allows you to track cardholder spending with you and your partners, making loyalty schemes easier to manage and facilitate.

  • Cards can be customized with your logo and design, giving them the look and feel of your company or brand. This gives you a unique, fully-branded prepaid card that can increase recognition and awareness of your brand when your cards are used.

  • Easy activation and reloading of cards via a secured online gateway. A prepaid card program will remove money transfer problems by facilitating corporate payroll, commission payouts, affiliate programs, loyalty and reward payments, and many other payment solutions.

    • Payroll
    • Incentive
    • Pension Payments
    • Marketing
    • Remittances
    • Day to Day card usage
    • Travel and Entertainment
  • The web-based PPG Portal provides access to comprehensive reporting tools for better customer management. Convenience of real time reporting on the go, wherever you are.

  • Program owners have access to cardholder data, allowing you to analyse and break down spending by merchant class for marketing purposes, track spending with partners and identify cardholder trends.

  • All prepaid cards are designed and encrypted with Fraud Protection scheme, secured EMV Chip and PIN.

  • Our API offers a full-service suite of powerful integration options, allowing you to incorporate cardholder services into your existing applications and websites. Based on the automated application you can easily collaborate with your cardholders.

  • The fees that cardholders are charged for using your cards, along with the revenue share you make on these fees as program owners, can be customised. Each time one of your card users swipes their card, it not only boosts your business exposure but adds revenue to your bottom line

  • It typically takes 3-4 months* to bring a new white label prepaid card to market once the issuer has granted approval.
    *Every application varies and is subject to approvals

    • Upgrade card limits
    • View transaction history
    • Manage personal profile
    • Check balance and account info
    • Report lost/ stolen card
    • Request a plastic card to be mailed to their address
    • Perform Card2Card transfers
  • The staff in our call centre are on hand to support our customers all year round.