Here’s How Millennials Feel About Prepaid Cards

This might not be common knowledge but millennials now make up a massive part of today’s modern workforce. Another surprising fact about millennials? They love and are using the best prepaid cards they can get their hands on!

If you are a millennial, you can probably attest that the best prepaid cards have become quite popular. In the United States alone, a staggering 29 million millennials already have their salaries loaded onto their prepaid cards.

A B&C study explored the use of the best prepaid cards among millennials. The result of the study provided a lot of insight into the relationship between millennials and their prepaid cards. 

Some of the insights include their views on prepaid cards and the benefits they offer, how and why they opt to use prepaid cards, their overall satisfaction with prepaid cards, and many others.

Overall, the survey revealed that regardless of how and where millennials use their prepaid cards, they are quite satisfied with it. As expected, they also have a positive and favorable experience when it comes to using their prepaid cards for purchases as well as other transactions.

Below are some of the interesting revelations from the survey conducted on millennials and their relationship with their prepaid cards:

Overall Prepaid Card Satisfaction

  • A whopping 83 percent of respondents say they are happy and satisfied when it comes to using their prepaid cards
  • Another 23 percent of prepaid card users say prepaid cards met their expectations and they were not disappointed at all
  • Over 60 percent of the survey participants revealed say that their prepaid card is more useful than they first thought

Prepaid Card Fees

  • At least 33 percent of the millennials that participated in the survey revealed they prefer their prepaid cards over other options like their checking accounts as they won’t have to deal with overdraft fees and other monthly charges
  • At least 20 percent of the survey respondents don’t have checking accounts and were quite worried about needing to maintain a minimum balance when using their prepaid cards

Credit Cards versus Prepaid Cards

  • Of the 64 percent respondents that don’t have credit cards, most chose not to get one by choice and not because they are not qualified to get one
  • Forty-seven percent of the survey respondents opted not to get a prepaid card so they can avoid spending more money than they can afford or would like to
  • Another 42 percent of the respondents say they didn’t get a prepaid card so they can avoid debt

Prepaid Card Usage

  • At least 98 percent of the survey participants revealed that they use their prepaid cards to make purchases
  • Majority of the survey participants use ATM and cash back at the point-of-sale access from their prepaid cards
  • Seventy three percent of the participants use their prepaid cards to withdraw money from automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • A staggering 73 percent of the survey participants revealed they get cash back at the register.
  • Close to 50 percent of the survey participants revealed that they use their prepaid cards to withdraw money from ATMs at least 3 times (or more) monthly

What Makes Prepaid Cards Different

Thanks to their peerless benefits and features as well as the amazing ease and convenience they offer, prepaid cards have become massively popular. In fact, nowadays, businesses, regardless of size are now using reloadable prepaid cards because of the enticing and peerless benefits they offer.

Years prior, credit and debit cards have been the plastic card of choice for many people, even for entrepreneurs. Nowadays, reloadable prepaid cards have given credit and debit cards a run for their money by offering benefits and features that are truly hard to resist.

While reloadable prepaid cards have things in common with other plastic cards, there are certain features that make them stand out. If you are considering using reloadable prepaid cards, below are some of the features that make them stand out:

Reloadable prepaid cards are easy to obtain

While other plastic cards like credit and debit cards offer a lot of amazing benefits and features, they are quite difficult to obtain for some people. For starters, most people have to go through stressful financial and background checks when applying for one. If you have made a few financial blunders in the past, it can get in the way of you obtaining one.

Fortunately, reloadable prepaid cards are very easy to obtain. You won’t have to go through those time consuming credit and background checks just to get approved. Also, any financial mistakes in the past will not hinder you from getting your hands on a reloadable prepaid card and enjoying all the benefits it offers.

If anything, getting a reloadable prepaid card is easy, straightforward, and quick. And since reloadable prepaid cards are not associated with any banks, you won’t have to pay for any exorbitant fees, interests, and other charges.

Reloadable prepaid card users allows you to send your own spending limits

Many people who use credit cards know there is a set spending limit for the card. In other words, the issuer or the bank will be the one to set a maximum amount the cardholder can consume. Unfortunately, this limit can be inconvenient when you want to use the card on something that’s worth more than the balance available on the card. 

Fortunately, with a prepaid card, you are spared from this hassle. Since you get to decide how much you will load on your card, you get to spend your own spending limits in a way.

Holders of reloadable prepaid cards also have the option to load the exact amount they want to load and at any time they deem convenient. The freedom to set your own limit is also very beneficial as you can load money daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on what you deem fit.

Reloadable prepaid cards are accepted by many merchants

Users of reloadable prepaid cards can be very helpful when you want to make payments for various transactions regardless if it’s local or international. In addition, using a prepaid card can also be used to make purchases easy as users have the option whatever it is that they need when using their card.

The wonderful thing is most prepaid cards are accepted by international networks and payment portals. Nowadays, having the option to conveniently perform payment and purchase transactions cannot be overemphasized.

With the world becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the ability to have a tool that can be used for purchase transactions through merchants and online stores is a breath of fresh air. 

After all, the convenience of not carrying cash with you wherever you go and doing purchase transactions online and through merchants can offer comfort and ease that’s just hard to match.

How to Pick the Best Prepaid Cards: Things You Should Consider

prepaid cards in Singapore

Over the years, one plastic card has experienced a tremendous growth explosion—the amazing prepaid cards! In fact, a Pew survey revealed that prepaid card usage has surged by as much as 50 percent. And that’s between 2012 and 2014 alone!

If anything, the best prepaid cards have evolved dramatically since they were first introduced. Nowadays, prepaid cards are considered one of the most trusted and convenient methods of payment. This is especially true among those who don’t have access to banks. 

In addition, the best prepaid cards have now been considered by many millennials as the consummate alternative to the conventional bank account. If you’re considering getting a prepaid card but unsure how to pick the best one that will suit all your needs, this article can help!

However, let’s get into the basics first.

What are prepaid cards, really?

If you’re not familiar with their distinction, it’s easy to mistake prepaid cards for the typical credit or debit card. For starters, they share a lot of surface similarities. What sets the best prepaid cards apart from credit or debit cards is they are not connected to any bank account.

Also, unlike credit cards, you get to decide how much money you’ll load into the account. Why is this important? It puts you in total control of your spending! That means when you use your card to pay for purchases, you will be using your own money rather than “borrowing” money from the bank.

If you need help sticking to the budget you’ve set or curbing overspending, a prepaid card is your ultimate ally! Since you won’t be able to use the card without loading money onto it first, you get total control when it comes to the amount you’ll load and spend. That’s a truly helpful feature especially for those who have difficulty controlling their spending.

How can you use your prepaid cards?

Offering unbelievable and peerless ease and convenience, prepaid cards can be used for both merchant and online purchases. More often than not, prepaid cards are affiliated with seasoned payment networks. That means they are also accepted and honoured in places their payment network is associated with.

Each and every time you use your prepaid card, the total amount of your purchase (regardless if it’s through merchants or online), will be deducted directly (and immediately) from the balance that’s available on your card.

In addition, it is also crucial to remember that the amount you can spend will be based on the balance that’s available on the card. In other words, you can easily control spending by limiting your purchases and other transactions on the balance available. If the balance you have in your card is not sufficient to cover your intended transaction, your transaction will be declined.

This might not be common knowledge but prepaid cards can also be used for ATM withdrawals aside from purchase transactions. If you’re going to use your prepaid card for withdrawals, you’re going to need a PIN (personal identification number) to successfully carry out the transaction.

How do you pick the prepaid card that’s best suited for you?

When looking for the ideal prepaid card, it is crucial that you first determine how you are going to use it. Case in point: how do you intend to load your prepaid card? It is going to be through reload networks or direct deposits? If you prefer the former, then it would be wise to opt for a prepaid card with a reload network you can conveniently go to.

Another key aspect to look into is the charges and fees. In line with this, you also need to figure out how you intend to use the card. Of course, it would be wise to opt for a card that charges the most minimal fees available. In addition, ensure that the card you’ll choose charges less especially for transactions you often do.

Prepaid Cards: Can They Help You Build Credit?

prepaid cards in Singapore

Prepaid cards are the newest addition to the plastic card family. Just like its other counterparts, prepaid cards provide benefits that are truly hard to miss. In fact, for many, prepaid cards have become the consummate alternative to carrying huge wads of cash.

While prepaid cards look just like credit or debit cards, they have one thing that sets them apart from the rest—they are not connected to any bank accounts. As the name implies, money has to be loaded onto the card first before it can be used for any purchase transactions or ATM withdrawals.

Since prepaid cards are not linked to any bank account, you can’t run up debts on them. In other words, your spending and withdrawals will be limited by the balance available in the card. As soon as the balance has been depleted, the spending stops automatically.

For those who love shopping online, prepaid cards can be a truly wonderful alternative to credit or debit cards. Since your prepaid card has no credit capacity, in the event that it is compromised, fraudsters will be limited to the balance available on the card and will not have access to your bank accounts. If anything, that’s a security feature many people just can’t resist.

Over the years, prepaid cards have become quite popular and have shown no signs of slowing down. However, not many people are truly aware of what their prepaid cards are capable of and how they maximise its use. Below are some of the prepaid card basics you need to know.

Can prepaid cards help me build credit?

As mentioned earlier, prepaid cards are not in any way connected to bank accounts. More importantly, when you use your prepaid cards, you are not borrowing or repaying money. That being said, using your prepaid card won’t be able to help users build credit.

In essence, to build credit, you need to borrow money and repay it back. The creditor will then report your payment record to credit reporting agencies. With prepaid cards, you will be using money that’s available on the card. In other words, all your transactions (purchases and withdrawals) will be deducted upfront from your card’s balance.

Is it easy to obtain prepaid cards?

One of the many things people love about prepaid cards is they are very easy to obtain. Why? Unlike credit cards, prepaid cards don’t come with any credit capabilities. In other words, they pose no financial risk whatsoever to the issuer.

Those who want to obtain prepaid cards won’t have to submit any financial documents or any personal and confidential information. In addition, you won’t also be subjected to any stressful and time-consuming background checks. In essence, obtaining a prepaid card is basically effortless!

Where can I use my prepaid card?

Typically, network-branded prepaid cards also carry the logo of the financial institution they are associated with. That said, it is often accepted and honoured at any merchants, establishments, and ATMs where the financial institution it is associated with is honoured. In addition, prepaid cards are also honoured by most merchants and sellers online.

For many, the ability to do purchase transactions online cannot be overstated. If anything, it will save you a significant amount of time, effort, and even money. That means you won’t need to get dressed, spend money on gas for your vehicle, brave the traffic, and deal with grumpy sales clerks and fellow shoppers.

However, more than anything, it’s the peerless ease and convenience of online shopping that makes it endearing to most people. Come to think of it, all you need to do is visit the website you want to purchase from, pay with your prepaid card, and just wait for your purchase to be delivered to your doorsteps. Now that’s ease and convenience you can’t find anywhere else!

Prepaid Card: Get to Know the Different Types

prepaid cards in Singapore

Over the years, a new amazing financial tool has been introduced to cater to the diverse payment needs of industry processes as well as customer segments. This awesome new financial tool is called the prepaid card.

Some of the many uses of prepaid cards include payroll processing, gifting, consumer transit, healthcare reimbursements, employee incentive processing, and government benefits disbursements.

Unbanked individuals who either have a poor credit history or are new to banking are also seen as one of the sectors that can benefit most from using prepaid cards. While unknown to many, there are different types of prepaid cards.

Discover the different types of prepaid cards as well as the essentials of this highly beneficial financial tool in this article.

Different Types of Prepaid Cards

Basically, there are 2 types of prepaid cards: single use or non-reloadable and reusable or reloadable cards.

Promotional cards, gift cards, incentive cards, and rebate cards are some of the most common examples of non-reloadable or single use prepaid cards. In other words, once the balance available in the card has been depleted, the card is considered useless.

In most cases, single use or non-reloadable prepaid cards are only honoured and accepted at single merchant or merchant chains. These types of cards are also typically not redeemable for cash. They are also not intended for international use.

A reloadable prepaid card on the other hand, as the name implies, allows cardholders to load and reload funds onto the card so it can be used over and over again. Some of the most common examples of reloadable prepaid cards include payroll cards and cards used for government benefits.

Single-purpose reloadable cards such as those used for public transits or used for purchases at Starbucks are classified as single-purpose reloadable cards. These types of cards can also be used to make everyday purchases. They can also be used to perform ATM withdrawals.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards versus Gift Cards

Typically, gift cards come with an amount that’s predetermined (i.e $25, $50, or $100). As mentioned earlier, once the balance available on the card has been depleted, cardholders can no longer reload money on the card.

Gift cards are also generally anonymous and are primarily given away as gifts. A reloadable prepaid card on the other hand is typically personalised. Unlike gift cards, reloadable prepaid cards also come with other amazing benefits and features that’s absent in the former.

Prepaid Cards versus Debit Cards

Unlike prepaid cards, debit cards are tied to a checking or other demand deposit accounts. That being said, bank debit cards also have different features as well as protection for their users.

Case in point: fraud and purchase protections as well as dispute resolution rights may not be the same between reloadable prepaid cards and debit cards. While protections offered are more robust for debit card users, reloadable prepaid cards are deemed more low risk.

Ideal Prepaid Card Users

While anybody can benefit from the reloadable prepaid card’s many exciting features, they are considered more attractive by individuals who don’t have access to credit or debit cards for one reason or another (bad credit history, no credit history, or those who are not comfortable dealing with banks).

Reloadable prepaid cards are designed to make paying as well as managing finances a lot easier for the unbanked as well as the underbanked. Why? They also allow cardholders to do direct deposits, online purchases, bill payments, as well as ATM withdrawals.

Reloadable prepaid cards are also considered ideal for those who would like to avoid accumulating debt, curb overspending, and would like to easily track and manage their spending.

Using Your International Prepaid Card: Your Quick Guide

prepaid cards in Singapore

Without doubt, travelling can be exciting and fun. However, without sufficient planning, it can also be both chaotic and stressful. This is especially true if you don’t have the financial aspect covered accordingly. Fortunately, this is where your international prepaid card can come in handy.

Whether you like it or not, withdrawing money, exchanging currency, and using cards has always been an integral part of travelling overseas. Nowadays however, using international prepaid cards has become an increasingly popular alternative as it can help warrant your trip will go as smooth sailing as possible.

Taking Your International Prepaid Card with You

International prepaid cards are fast becoming the preferred medium for those who travel overseas on a consistent basis. Undoubtedly, it is deemed generally safer compared to carrying wads of cash from one place to another. For many, it is also undeniably way more convenient than using traveler’s checks.

With an international prepaid card, you are also spared from stressing about where to get cash when you need it and you can easily withdraw money from international ATMs associated with your card. Not only that, with your international prepaid card, you can also expect to enjoy low conversion fees when you load a foreign currency.

Of course, withdrawing money through international ATMs will have corresponding fees so that is something you should take into account at all times. As a general rule of thumb, it is also considered prudent to know the fees for your card transactions like withdrawals, conversion fees, etc.

Benefits of Using International Prepaid Cards

International prepaid cardholders have no shortage of reasons why they love this new and exciting financial tool. Aside from the peerless convenience and ease they offer, prepaid cards are also accepted and honoured by countless merchants and ATMs worldwide.

If you’re particular about sticking to the budget you’ve set, you’ll be delighted to know your international prepaid card can help you effortlessly achieve said objective. As the name implies, money needs to be loaded onto the card first before it can be used. That means you have control over the amount you are willing to spend.

Aside from the freedom to load any amount you want, your international prepaid card can also help you stay on track when it comes to your spending. Come to think of it, it would be tempting to be loose about your spending when you’re travelling.

Your international prepaid card can help you stay on track since you can no longer use it once all the balance available on the card has been depleted. From there, it would be up to you if you’ll reload money on the card again or you’ll put a halt to your spending and stick to the budget you’ve set.

Another amazing benefit that has endeared international prepaid cards to many is the convenience, ease, and peace of mind they offer. Since international prepaid cards are not linked to any bank or checking accounts, you won’t have to worry about your accounts being hacked when you lose the card or misplace it.

Also, since your international prepaid card is not linked to your bank account, you are spared from the risk of having the money in your account withdrawn or tampered with. At the most, the only amount at risk is the amount that’s available on the card and nothing more.

In line with this, you also have the option to load only an amount you’re comfortable with to the card and just reload each time the balance has been depleted. Fortunately, just like most transactions using your international prepaid card, reloading money onto the card is quick, easy, and straightforward so it’s a win anyway you look at it.

The Rise of the Mighty Reloadable Prepaid Cards

prepaid cards in Singapore

In today’s modern, fast-paced, and technology-driven world, people have it easy compared to many decades prior thanks to awesome and helpful inventions and technology breakthroughs.

For instance, many years ago, people always had to pay for almost all of their purchases with cash. Nowadays, cashless payment transactions have become the norm. In other words, people now use plastic cards like debit, credit, and reloadable prepaid cards to pay for the majority of their purchases.

That being said, it is also safe to assume that it has become very common for people to use credit, debit, and reloadable prepaid cards for ATM withdrawals as well as purchase transactions, regardless if it’s online or otherwise.

Currently, plastic cards like the reloadable prepaid cards have become a staple in the day-to-day transactions of today’s modern man.

The Impressive Rise of the Mighty Reloadable Prepaid Cards

While they are the latest addition to the growing plastic card family, reloadable prepaid cards have easily earned their rightful place in the hearts (and wallets) of many people nowadays.

Thanks to their unbeatable benefits, reloadable prepaid cards have also experienced a gargantuan rise in both usage and popularity. It’s also safe to assume, it has shown no signs of slowing down.

If you are like many people, it is highly likely that you’re also considering getting a reloadable prepaid card if you don’t have one yet. If you’re not really familiar with this amazing and ingenious financial tool, the following basics should help you get to know it a tad bit more.

You won’t need to go through background and credit checks just to get one.

Without doubt, background checks are time-consuming, tedious, and just downright annoying. However, they are considered an integral part of both debit and credit card applications. The same rings true for checking and savings account applications.

Not only that, apart from scrutinising your background and credit histories, some issuers of debit and credit cards will also take into account your employment history as well as other personal information before their applications are approved.

When issuers discover you were able to make some undesirable financial mistakes in the past, you can kiss your application approval goodbye. Fortunately, getting a reloadable prepaid card is the exact opposite—fast, easy, and straightforward.

You can use it to help you curb overspending and manage your money properly.

Those who use credit and debit cards often find themselves in a mountain of debt if they lack the discipline and control over their spending. They can also end up paying for costly monthly interests, fees, and other charges if they are not careful with their spending.

While prepaid cards do have some transaction fees as well, they are often very minimal compared to their counterparts. What helped prepaid cards earn a really massive following is the fact that they’re not only easy to obtain, they are also very helpful for those who want to be on top of their spending.

For those who do not know, transactions using prepaid cards are limited to the balance that’s available on the card. That means as soon as the balance has been depleted, the spending also stops automatically.

You can use it to pay for online transactions.

There’s no denying online shopping has become almost the norm. And this is not really surprising as online shopping is just over the top in terms of ease and convenience. For starters, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can choose what you want, pay for it using your prepaid card, and wait for the items to be delivered right at your doorsteps. Now, that’s convenience, value, and ease you can’t just resist!

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Prepaid Card for Business

prepaid cards in Singapore

Nowadays, prepaid cards have become the consummate financial tool for those who have issues managing their spending, those who have bad credit standing, those who have no access to banks, and those who are trying to curb overspending.

However, the appeal and use of prepaid cards is no longer limited to consumers alone. Thanks to their unbeatable features and exciting benefits, prepaid cards have also made their mark in the business world.

Prepaid cards for business have been the go-to option for those who would like to make their transactions quick, seamless, and hassle-free. Today, prepaid cards for business are used to easily allocate budget for logistics and supplies, for employee fare and meals, and for travel and emergency funds, among others.

So what is it with prepaid cards for business that has endeared them to the business world? We’ll take a closer look at all the benefits of prepaid cards for business in this article.

Why Prepaid Cards for Business Are Ideal

●    They are easy to use since they have no tie-ups with any banks

●    They can be reloaded with money anytime

●    They can help warrant company spending is within the budget you have identified. It can also help ensure spending as well as monitoring of transactions is a lot easier

The Enticing Benefits of Prepaid Cards for Business

There’s no denying prepaid cards for business offer benefits that are hard to beat. Some of the most remarkable ones include:

●    They can be used to help regulate and control expenses so the business stays efficient and profitable.

●    They can be obtained without any hassles and can be reloaded with funds just as easily.

●    They are not associated with any banks so no credit checks are required during application. There’s also no need to submit financial documents or personal data.

●    Since no credit capabilities are involved, transactions using prepaid cards for business won’t affect credit in any way.

●    Since they work pretty much like the other plastic cards, there is no learning curve involved. They’re about as easy and straightforward to use as credit or debit cards.

●    Just like other plastic cards, prepaid cards for business can also be used to make online purchases easily.

●    Prepaid cards for business can also be used to separate business from personal expenses. The ability to keep expenses separate from one another is important to manage work-related funds more easily.

●    With a prepaid card for business, keeping tabs of employee spending is a lot easier. In addition, setting limits and monitoring expenses is also a lot easier.

●    For business owners, using a prepaid card for business can also help ensure they are spared from the risk of having employees overspend or mismanage company funds.

●    Prepaid cards for business can be used to easily segregate money for supplies, meals, and whatever else the business needs.

●    With a prepaid card for business, monitoring every transaction can be done easily and conveniently. This can be very helpful especially for those who want to have a detailed report of every spending or transaction.

●    In terms of fees, users would be delighted to know they are way lesser compared to other plastic cards like credit or debit cards. Unlike other plastic cards like credit cards, there is no risk of accumulating huge monthly interest, fees, and other hidden charges.

●    Unlike debit cards, there’s no need to be mindful of paying for overdraft charges.

Undeniably, using prepaid cards can provide countless benefits. It is especially beneficial for those who would like to monitor their transactions and ensure it is within the identified budget.

As a general rule of thumb, it would be wise to use a prepaid card for business as a supplemental card that will not only help curb overspending but also make tracking of any spending very easy.

How to Use Prepaid Cards to Improve Your Finances

prepaid cards in Singapore

Unlike many years prior, prepaid cards have truly come a long way. Nowadays, they provide peerless and unbeatable benefits that are just hard to miss. For starters, they can help dramatically improve your finances by limiting the amount of money you can spend.

However, that’s not all. Loading money onto your prepaid card is also quick and easy. And since prepaid cards are accepted and honoured in countless merchant stores and establishments here and abroad, they have become the ideal alternative to carrying cash.

While prepaid cards are endearing because of the countless benefits they offer, there is one benefit that they provide that truly stands out: they can help you dramatically improve your finances. 

So if you are one of the many who find it extremely difficult to control your spending or adhering to the budget you’ve set, getting a prepaid card is one of the best things you can do. It is also the card of choice for those who find themselves spending impulsively.

There’s no denying many people struggle when it comes to adhering to the budget they have set or controlling their spending. The good news is you have a helpful ally in prepaid cards. Otherwise known as pay-as-you-go cards, prepaid cards are deemed a wonderful and welcome addition to the plastic card family.

While prepaid cards can look just like the other plastic cards, they have one distinct difference: they’re not linked to any savings or checking accounts. What this means also is they don’t come with any credit capabilities. That’s one awesome feature for those who want to learn to manage their money better.

How Your Prepaid Card Can Help Dramatically Improve Your Finances

It can help you avoid overspending. Unlike credit cards where you will be borrowing money from the issuer, you’ll be using your own money when you use a prepaid card. That means you have way better control over your spending since you can automatically stop once the balance on the card has been depleted.

Using your prepaid card can also help warrant that you don’t go over your budget as you have the option to only load the amount you want that fits your budget and use the money for its intended purpose alone. 

Some studies have also revealed that cardholders have the tendency to overspend when they use a credit card. Even those who have no plans to do so also get tempted knowing they can purchase what they want and pay for it at a later date.

It can be a great tool when shopping for the holidays. Undeniably, holiday shopping can be both stressful and hectic. It can also be massively challenging especially if you’re moving from one place to another and carrying a huge amount of money with you.

Fortunately, with a prepaid card, you won’t have to carry physical cash with you wherever you go. This makes moving around a lot easier for you as you won’t have to worry about losing your money or having it stolen while you go around looking for gifts.

What’s even more amazing? You can also use your prepaid cards for online purchases! That means you are spared from all the troubles and hassles of going to malls altogether and dealing with other shoppers just to purchase what you want.

Online shopping as many people already know can also be very convenient as it allows you to choose from a vast array of options without even stepping out from the comforts of your own home and office. Just pick what you want to buy, pay for it using your prepaid card, and wait for it to be delivered to your door!