Prepaid Card White Label Services

What prior experience do I need in order to set up my own White Label Prepaid Card Program?

No prior experience or knowledge of running a prepaid card program is required.

How can a White Label Prepaid Card Program help my business?

White Label Prepaid Card Programs help businesses in the following ways:

What can the White Label Prepaid Card be used for?

The White Label Prepaid Card can be used for the following purposes:

What are the benefits of a White Label Prepaid Card?

Is PPG able to integrate with my existing website?

PPG offers a seamless integration and our API offers a full-service suite of powerful integration options, allowing you to incorporate cardholder services into your existing applications and websites.

Will the White Label Prepaid Card Program Owner be able to decide on Cardholder fees?

Yes, PPG allows program owners to customise their fee profile. The fees that cardholders are charged for using your cards, along with the revenue share you make on these fees as program owners, can be customised.

How long does it take to bring a new White Label Prepaid Card Program to Market?

It typically takes 3-4 months* to bring a new white label prepaid card to market once the issuer has granted approval.
* Every application varies and is subject to approvals

What will the White Label Prepaid Card Program Cardholders get?

Cardholders will receive a generic reloadable prepaid card with a Secured EMV Chip and PIN that works just like any credit/debit card, allowing cardholders to make purchases online, in-store or over the phone, as well as to withdraw cash from ATMs.
Cardholders have full access to their accounts via their own Cardholder Portals. The Cardholder Portal is a full online banking tool for managing and accessing card accounts and perform the following transactions: