What languages is the Portal available in?

The Portal is currently available in English and Simplified Chinese. It can be translated up to 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Russian and Chinese.

What kinds of Membership Managementtasks can be performed?

Using the Multi-Functional Membership Management Panel in the Portal, Licensees, resellers and Submerchants can:

  • Manage user profiles and access user data and information in a secure setting
  • Create sign-up forms with direct links for easy membership registration
  • Deliver digital content, integrate with blog, forum, or CMS, send opt-in newsletters
  • Perform Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Verification and Approvals:
    • New members can upload their KYC documents for approval
    • Administrators can access and approve and assign actions

What can every individual Member do with the Portal?

Every member will be given access to the Member’s Portal, where they can access their Membership information and perform certain actions:

  • Edit/ update personal information
  • Upload KYC documents
  • Top-up Prepaid Card
  • Manage and view Subscriptions
  • Downloadable documents, certificates, receipts
  • Submit Helpdesk tickets

How can the Portal help in the affiliate aspect of my business?

The Portal has a full-featured affiliate module which has the following features:

  • Integrated subscription system to precisely track recurring commissions, rewards and loyalty points, salary, payroll and more
  • Accept subscription payments (including recurring)
  • Perfect for affiliate programs, corporate payroll, network marketing, membership programs.
  • Integrated Helpdesk
  • Helps to keep user requests and responses organized
  • Automatic alerts to new user requests and tickets to ensure rapid response

What can the PPG BackOffice do?

PPG Portal has a BackOffice which allows users to:

  • Manage different hierarchical users from one Portal
  • Create separate signup forms and unique signup links for members, resellers, agents, merchants and submerchants
  • Product management: create, assign, edit, remove products
  • Inventory control: keep track of all the products
  • Generate comprehensive Reports and Statistics
  • Payments: generate receipts, invoices and manage refunds

What types of integration plugins does the Portal offer?

Integration plugins offered include:

  • Easy and powerful integration with Wordpress, XenForo, vBulletin, and others

Is the PPG Portal available for licensing?

Yes, a fully customisable Portal is available for license, with a one-off licensing fee and monthly maintenance fees for a tenure of 3 years.

  • 3-year licensed use of the Portal
  • Basic customisation and branding
    • PPG will customise the Portal according to the Licensee’s requirements
  • Installation
    • PPG will install Portal to your website and help you with the first steps
  • Administrator training
    • PPG will provide specialised training for your administrators
  • Regular updates and maintenance