Portal Management

How can the PPG Portal grow my business?

The portal can be customized to suit almost any business that needs to register and manage a database of members. Here are some of the features of the portal:

What software do I need to install for the Portal?

The portal is hosted online in the cloud, with an easy and secure web-based administration. There’s no need to download and install software, or worry about updates to the system

What languages is the Portal available in?

The Portal is currently available in English and Simplified Chinese. It can be translated up to 7 languages:
English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Russian and Chinese.

What kinds of Membership Management tasks can be performed?

Using the Multi-Functional Membership Management Panel in the Portal, Licensees, resellers and Sub-merchants can:

What can every individual Member do with the Portal?

Every member will be given access to the Member’s Portal, where they can access their
Membership information and perform certain actions:

How can the Portal help in the affiliate aspect of my business?

The Portal has a full-featured affiliate module which has the following features:

What can the PPG BackOffice do?

PPG Portal has a BackOffice which allows users to:

What types of integration plugins does the Portal offer?

Integration plugins offered include:

Is the PPG Portal available for licensing?

Yes, a fully customisable Portal is available for license, with a one-off licensing fee and monthly maintenance fees for a tenure of 3 years