How can a White Label Prepaid Card Program help my business?

What prior experience do I need in order to set up my own White Label Prepaid Card Program?
July 28, 2017
What can the White Label Prepaid Card be used for?
July 28, 2017

White Label Prepaid Card Programs help businesses in the following ways:
 Attract new customers and increase loyalty
Merchants benefit from increased customer and member loyalty by providing more
secure and more convenient access to cash, bonuses, and other payments.
 Increase Brand Loyalty
Prepaid cards come with their own unique identifies that can be utilised with loyalty
or reward programs. This allows you to track cardholder spending with you and your
partners, making loyalty schemes easier to manage and facilitate.
 Raise Brand Awareness
Cards can be customised, giving them the look and feel of your company or brand.
This gives you a unique, fully-branded prepaid card that can increase recognition and
awareness of your brand when your cards are used.
 Provide efficient and better cash management
A prepaid card program will remove money transfer problems by facilitating corporate
payroll, commission payouts, affiliate programs, loyalty and reward payments, and
many other payment solutions.
 Comprehensive reporting tools
The web-based PPG Portal provides access to comprehensive reporting tools for
better customer management.
 Useful Cardholder Data
Program owners have access to cardholder data, allowing you to break down
spending by merchant class for marketing purposes, track spending with partners
and identify cardholder trends.