Do Millennials Love Their Prepaid Cards? Here’s What a Study Revealed!

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March 30, 2020

Not everyone may be aware of it but millennials make up a huge part of today’s modern workforce. Here’s another surprising fact about millennials not many people know about: millennials love and are always on the lookout for the best prepaid cards they can get their hands on.

The popularity of the best prepaid cards among millennials is no longer up for debate. In fact, in the United States alone, a whopping 29 million millennials have their pay loaded onto their prepaid cards.

A study conducted by B&C Media looked into the use of prepaid cards among millennials. The results revealed a lot about the relationship between prepaid cards and millennials—their views on prepaid card fees and benefits, their overall satisfaction with prepaid cards, why and how they use prepaid cards, and many more.

Overall, the survey indicated that regardless of where and how millennials use their prepaid cards, they are very satisfied with it. As expected, they also have a favourable and positive experience when it comes to using their prepaid cards for purchases and other transactions.

Below are some of the interesting insights discovered from the survey on millennials and their relationship with prepaid cards:

Prepaid Card Overall Satisfaction

Prepaid Card Fees

Prepaid Cards versus Other Bank Accounts

Prepaid Cards versus Credit Cards

Prepaid Card Usage