Money Service Operator

AMLO Guidelines


PPG is an authorized Money Service Operator (License Number 1 7-06- 02149), regulated by the Hong Kong Commissioner of Customs & Excise (CCE) under The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Ordinance, Cap. 615 (AMLO) of 2012

What is a money service?

A money service means a money changing service or a remittance service.

What is a money changing service?

A money changing service means a service for exchanging of currencies that is operated in Hong Kong as a business, but does not include such a service that is incidental to the main business e.g. retail business accepting foreign currencies in transactions or that is operated by a person who manages a hotel if the service
(a) is operated within the premises of the hotel primarily for the convenience of guests of the hotel; and
(b) consists solely of transactions for the purchase by that person of non‐Hong Kong currencies in exchange for Hong Kong currency

What is a remittance service?

A remittance service means a service of one or more of the following that is operated in Hong Kong as a business—
(a) sending, or arranging for the sending of, money to a place outside Hong Kong;
(b) receiving, or arranging for the receipt of, money from a place outside Hong Kong;
(c) arranging for the receipt of money in a place outside Hong Kong

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