What is the PREMIER Card?

More than just payments

Grow your business and generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, control business expenses and easily manage your card program with PPG. No hassles with credit checks and save on bank fees. Better than Checks. Safer than Cash.

The Premier Card is secure & reloadable for everyday use, with the same functionality as an ordinary debit cards.

Advantages of the Premier Card

Transaction Privacy
24/7 Online Access
Employee Payroll
Cost/Budget Control
Fast & Secure Loading
Business Gifts
Own IBAN Number
Corporate Travel Expenses
Data & Analytics

Payment Services

PPG offers a comprehensive financial solution to enable you to send and receive money worldwide.

We enable merchants and businesses to expand global reach and accept payments on an International scale, while giving you the luxury to pay in your favoured local methods and currencies.



100% Protection of Funds


Competitive Exchange Rates

Real Time FX rates & Low Fees


Multiple Channels

Convenience of Deposits & Withdrawals

Other Services

Prepaid Card White Label Services

For Businesses: Launch your own branded prepaid card program, an effective way of brand exposure, increasing credibility and enhancing.

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Portal Management

A comprehensive, user-friendly web-based membership software available for licensing to meet all your business requirements.

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What We Have Achieved

Active Card Holders
Transactions Daily

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